No Longer/Not Yet


St. Peter’s Seminary, a landmark piece of 1960s brutalist architecture in Dunbartonshire, has been lying empty and decaying since the 1980s. When you read this, work will have begun on a major restoration project with the view of converting the building into a large-scale, multi-purpose public arts/social venue.

No Longer/Not Yet examines the relationship between the site’s original purpose as a religious institution and its repurposing as a social arts venue, and our fluid relationships with places that are perceived to be physically ‘fixed’; using images and sound recorded on the site in the final days before works began, archive footage of the site in its original state, and recordings of 1960s modernist music.

A work in progress version shown at The Arches, Glasgow as part of Scratch Night, 10th March 2015. To be developed into a larger scale work later in 2015.

No Longer/Not Yet (Scratch Performance) from Alex Mackay on Vimeo.

Documented and edited by Martin Campbell.