(Why) Does It Make Me Feel (So) Good?

(Why) Does It Make Me Feel (So) Good? is about intimacy (or the lack of it) in our increasingly web-based lives. It is about feelings being things we can now access ‘on demand’. It is about ‘loneliness’ being a condition related to how many bars of signal you have on your mobile device, rather than the number of bodies you have around you.

Drawing on the recent online phenomenon of ASMR, it is an immersive, multi-sensory experience where participants are invited to challenge their ideas of human interaction mediated through technology, one-on-one with their own personal ASMR-tist.

Participants enter into a room and climb into a bed where a handheld screen and headphones await them. They are greeted by an on-screen performer who takes them on a journey exploring the highly sensual ASMR phenomenon; however as the piece progresses, sounds and imagery of the internet that is mediating the communication begin to interfere with the experience (both on their screen and headphones, as well as the room around them), as the participant struggles to maintain the intimate connection they establish with the performer.

One-on-one audiovisual performance commissioned by The Arches for Arches LIVE 2014

Shown at The Arches, Glasgow on 2nd & 3rd October 2014 as part of Arches LIVE 2014

Alex Mackay: Creative director, audiovisual producer, designer and deviser

Alex LunnAssistant director, deviser

Katie Oswell: Performer, deviser


Component of piece displayed on handheld screen and headphones

(Why) Does It Make Me Feel (So) Good? // LCD screen video from Alex Mackay on Vimeo.