A Séance Procedure

Throughout 2013, myself along with a number of other composers in Glasgow were discussing aspects of our work which was not fitting into the concert hall tradition (e.g. theatrical, visual, audience participation and other multimedia elements) that we are often expected to operate within, and how we can present this work in an alternative context. ‘Gregor Samsa’ is what emerged; nights showcasing exactly this kind of work, open to artists and audiences of diverse background to share new ideas and work in a positive environment.

For this first event, I created a performance which responds to the context from which these nights have emerged from – the western concert hall tradition. I held a ‘séance’ according the guidelines set out in (a slightly edited version of) Mark Mirabello’s ‘A Séance Procedure’; Katie Oswell performed the role of the medium, and with the help of a few audience members, we summoned the spirits of dead icons of the past, and the culture surrounding them. They told us the way to go from their convenient position of history.

Glasgow, November 2013

Performed on 19th November 2013 by Alex Mackay & Katie Oswell at The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow

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