I spoke for myself and for my brothers

 ‘I spoke for myself and for my brothers’ is a live performance piece, a conclusion/report-back on the thread that ran through a substantial part of my work from around November 2012 to February 2013 (‘Love Letter…‘ and ‘Metals‘ remixes, Mechanical Wave, Handprints to some extent and other bits and pieces) – our voices and words, their significance or lack thereof, the lack of control we have of those things once they’re history, etc, etc, etc. Elements of material used in many of these things I’ve worked on over that period of time appear and interact – the things that raised the questions in their original contexts now beg a re-assessment. Maybe they just become another vehicle for noise-making, nothing else. I don’t know if I can say.

Glasgow, February 2013

Recorded sounds, live electronics and vinyl

Featuring elements of the AM remixes of ‘Love Letter For A Polymorph’ by Maria Panosian & Nepheli Papadaki and ‘Metals’ by Raw Silver.

Also featuring the recorded voices of: Stephanie Katie Hunter reading the wishes left on the trees of the Hidden Garden, Glasgow; Nepheli Papadaki reading her ‘Love Letter From A Polymorph’; Winston Churchill with fragments of his wartime speeches; and some of “the most celebrated actors of stage, radio and television in Cairo, Paris, London and Hamburg” in ‘”Son et Lumiere”: Pyramids and Sphinx’ by the Ministry of Culture and Information, Egyptian Organisation of Antiquities.

Premiered on Wednesday, 20th February 2013 by Alex Mackay at City Halls, Glasgow