The Things All People Want, Need & Strive To Achieve

In February 2013, I performed with 6 other artists in a couple of performances entitled ‘Mechanical Wave’ at Tramway in Glasgow. During our preparation time there, I took a walk out in the Hidden Garden at the back of the building, and saw a few trees where people (of all ages) had attached tags on which they had written things they wish for – I decided to record someone walking amongst the trees and reading the wishes, and use them in the performances. Some time afterwards, I felt that these recordings deserved to be a piece in their own right, rather just than a little part of something else – so I made this.Big thanks to Stephanie Hunter, and the people at the Hidden Garden and Tramway for allowing this to come to being.

Made in Glasgow, 23rd-26th April 2013

The recordings were made in the Hidden Garden, Glasgow on the morning of Friday, 8th February 2013

Featuring the voice and presence of Stephanie Hunter.