The Loudness Wars

 “Loudness war” or “loudness race” is the popular name given to the trend of increasing audio levels in recorded music since the early 1990s, which many critics believe reduces sound quality and listener enjoyment. Modern recordings that use extreme dynamic range compression and other measures to increase loudness therefore can sacrifice sound quality to loudness. The competitive escalation of loudness has led music fans and members of the musical press to refer to the affected albums as “victims of the loudness war.”

“The Loudness Wars” is about the struggle to outdo your competitors, and what happens when the potential futility of your efforts begins to dawn on you.


Dallier 2 years ago

 “Good reason to listen to older records – better music and no fucking clipping! But hey,

really – stop this, you`re killing music. Where can I sign for a petition?”

CyborgCollective 1 week ago

 “Yet another reason why the modern music industry is garbage.”

Gerry Aire 1 month ago

 “i think that’s why michael jackson’s last album, “invincible”, failed – loud and dynamically flat. it was almost unlistenable”

Detrex Uzem 1 year ago

“for some reason, ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC sound great in the loudness wars, but sometimes, it is too much. the LOUDNESS WARS, has influenced the BIG ROOM (talentless SUBGENERE) to gain success”

Damon Adrian 5 months ago

“this is why trance from 1992-2004 is better than the ones now, vinyl releases and much

better dynamic range. screw you loud idiots”

Craig Nevermind 3 weeks ago

“I want people to care about music again”

For two alto saxophones.

8 minutes.

Written in Glasgow, spring 2016.

Score and parts available on request.